Schedule of Events  Jan Feb Mar 2018
Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday 9:15am to 11am
Community of Infinite Spirit – 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Jan 4, Paul Barbaro, Author, Healer
“Healing Yourself and Your Tribe”
You can heal more than one “being” at a time.  Stay healthier by keeping your tribe healthy.  It only takes a little more time to heal thousands versus just healing one person.  Paul shows you how to bring in your angels, ancestors, tribes to manifest healing on a global scale.  Paul also shows how you can reprogram your DNA which is tied to the Universal Hologram/Matrix.
Jan 18th, Krisztina Farkas, Relationship Specialist
“3 Keys to a Healthy Soulmate Relationship”
Krisztina speaks on 3 big mistakes made when setting boundaries in new and potential relationships.  She also talks about common and basic self-sabotages (most of which are unintentional) in relationships.  Lastly, she speaks on a most important ingredient that often goes unseen, yet is so necessary for healthy, thriving relationships.
Feb 1st, Diane Melone, MFT, Counselor, Teacher
“Your Souls Purpose”
Work with Diane to bring out your inner message for 2018 by creating Soul Cards with images meant to bring the wisdom of your soul into awareness. You will get to create and keep your own Soul Card meant only for you.  All materials will be supplied.  (optional) Bring your favorite pictures or images.

Feb 15th, Brad West, Naturopathic ND
“Naturopathic Cancer Treatments”
Have you, your family, or friends suffered from cancer, or perhaps even died from it? Have you wondered about alternative and integrative treatments, should you yourself contract cancer?  Dr. Brad will discuss conventional, naturopathic, and integrative treatment options, and theories around cancer, now considered the number one cause of death now in the US.

Mar 1st, Sondra Sneed, Author, Soul Reader
“What Keeps You Awake When the World Sleeps?”
Imagine the world as being asleep, or you will go back to sleep with it. What awakens you?  When should you get involved? This Talk will not just alarm you, but provide activities to stay awake until the day you leave the planet.

Mar 15th, Laurie Twilight, Astrologer, Transpersonal Psychologist
“Planetary Cycles and Their Elemental Gifts for 2018”
Astrology’s essence is the four elements; Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  In taking a deeper look at the transiting or cycling planet’s elemental signs for 2018, we gather insights on what we are meant to learn, and the timing for specific growth.  These cycles are for our soul’s evolution and balancing our own elements.

Mar 29th, Rachel Cooley, Angel Therapy Practitioner
“Angels 101 – How the Angels Can Help You”
We all have angels who are here to assist us in all areas of our lives, including our personal and professional lives.  Join Rachel Cooley, Angel Therapy Practitioner, for a morning of learning about the angels and how to call upon them for their help, guidance, and protection.

Please Join us Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursday
for a fun, uplifting, and interactive program.  Cost is $6, sliding scale available.  
Coffee, tea, water provided. You may also bring some healthy finger food to share. 
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